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Podcast: Bending the Rules with Ivan Putski

In this episode the guys are still feeling the affects from WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV. They talk about how they were left confused with the rules in each match, including Samoa Joe’s rise to becoming the new #1 contender for Brock’s Universal Championship. They also dive into the mandatory meeting WWE officials had with talent regarding their private photos, Lana’s Smackdown debut, where is Rusev, and the recent signing of Thea Trinidad. Stopping by the show with his Polish Power is WWE Hall of Famer Ivan Putski. He talks to us about working in Texas, the Showdown at Shea, his son Scott, and a whole lot more!

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Podcast: The Weakest Link with Abdullah The Butcher

In this episode the guys are talking about some of the weakest champions to ever hold the gold. Find out who made the list of the weakest links. Credo dives into the injuries that have plagued the WWE in recent years and who has the best shot at becoming the #1 contender for the Universal Championship. Angry Kuter gives us his mix tape of must see matches while Minority Mike calls in from Cancun telling us which former WWE women’s champion had her panties raided at the airport! Joining us today is the madman from the Sudan Abdullah The Butcher! He talks to us about his upcoming appearance with www.esspromotions.com, how he made the fork his weapon of choice, why we need freaks in wrestling, is today’s death match scene going too far?, his favorite hardcore opponent and even some advice to the future. All this and a whole lot more!

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Podcast: Body Slammed with The Tonga Kid

In this episode the guys are going to the movies! Get yourself a snack because they discuss who the biggest movie star is from the wrestling world and some of their favorite wrestling movies. Credo dives into the whereabouts of the Universal Championship and the new Women’s Tournament coming to the WWE, while Angry Kuter gives us his mix tape of must see matches and Minority Mike tells us what’s happening outside the WWE. Joining us today straight outta the Samoan Dynasty is Sam Fatu aka The Tonga Kid. He talks to us about his family, working with Rowdy Roddy Piper & Jimmy Snuka, making his break in the WWE, starring in Body Slam and a whole lot more!

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Podcast: Be a STAR! with Manny The Bull Fernandez

In this episode the guys are headed into a “block party” as JBL is trying to cover his tracks on twitter. Do the fans know how much of a bully he really is or is it just kayfabe? They talk about the recent allegations against JBL bullying Mauro Ranallo on Smackdown and will the WWE do anything about it? They also dive into Braun Stroman flipping an ambulance, the Universal Championship MIA, NXT RAGE, and is Del Rio just too bitter? The topic for discussion this week is about the superstars who jumped to their opposing brand and what the future will hold for them. Joining us today is Manny The Bull Fernandez. He talks to us about getting into the business, training with Terry Funk, how he got his nickname, his bloody match with Invader #3, plus advice for anyone looking to get into professional wrestling. All this and a whole lot more!

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Podcast: Welcome to the Thunderdome with New Jack

In this episode the guys are heading into the Elimination Chamber full of predictions and expectations of what they want to see happen in this SmackDown exclusive network special. Minority Mike joins Credo & Kuter to talk about his NXT trip and tells us why every fan needs to experience it. They also talk about there being no definitive answer on Seth Rollins’ Road to Wrestlemania, Eva Marie’s possible departure, Big Show getting jacked, Austin Aries being cleared & JBL’s show being canned. Stopping by this week with a shopping cart full of truth bombs is ECW’s Original Gangsta, New Jack! He talks to us about how retirement is going, not caring about the WWE Hall of Fame, talking the talk, is there room for blood in the PG era, Vince McMahon calling him the Devil, why he hates Jerry Lawler and a whole lot more.

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