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Podcast: Sean Oliver’s Kayfabe Brian Blair Interview

It was the smack heard ’round the world–the Iron Sheik’s open hand haymaker, landed at the conclusion of Ring Roasts I. Though Sean has exposed the altercations as a work, what was very real was that shot! If you were there, your ears confirmed that. Now, for the first time since the event, Sean and…

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Podcast: Sean Oliver’s Kayfabe Eric Simms Interview

Who cares what his clients say about him–Eric Simms is the most recognizable name in his line of work. Sean must’ve lost a bet somewhere having Simms on the show, but he’s here nonetheless, talking about what it takes to be wrestling’s Super Agent. Eric discusses that, as well as the long time working relationship with his most famous client, The Iron Sheik.

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Podcast: TMPToW The Sandman Interview

This week for TMPT feature episode #21 we welcome in former ECW World Champion, The Sandman. The Sandman invades Philly one more time Saturday night as he stops by SuperKrazee Wrestling’s Showdown at Tollman Joe’s. Things will be getting extreme for sure. In this very rare podcasting appearance for Hak (second on the TMPT Empire this month) we get to hear more about the birth of his iconic run in ECW, the story behind the change from him as a surfer dude to smoking cigarettes and drinking beer and more about wrestling in the city of Brotherly Love.

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Podcast: TMPToW Bill Alfonso Interview

Today we keep the extreme trend rolling in TMPT land as we welcome, “The Manager of Champions” Bill Alfonso. A staple of every promotion from his years in Florida through his years with WCW, the WWF and ECW, nobody saw more than Fonzie. In a very rare interview he sets the record straight on a…

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