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Podcast: Be a STAR! with Manny The Bull Fernandez

In this episode the guys are headed into a “block party” as JBL is trying to cover his tracks on twitter. Do the fans know how much of a bully he really is or is it just kayfabe? They talk about the recent allegations against JBL bullying Mauro Ranallo on Smackdown and will the WWE do anything about it? They also dive into Braun Stroman flipping an ambulance, the Universal Championship MIA, NXT RAGE, and is Del Rio just too bitter? The topic for discussion this week is about the superstars who jumped to their opposing brand and what the future will hold for them. Joining us today is Manny The Bull Fernandez. He talks to us about getting into the business, training with Terry Funk, how he got his nickname, his bloody match with Invader #3, plus advice for anyone looking to get into professional wrestling. All this and a whole lot more!

Source: Another Wrestling Podcast


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