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Podcast: Welcome to the Thunderdome with New Jack

In this episode the guys are heading into the Elimination Chamber full of predictions and expectations of what they want to see happen in this SmackDown exclusive network special. Minority Mike joins Credo & Kuter to talk about his NXT trip and tells us why every fan needs to experience it. They also talk about there being no definitive answer on Seth Rollins’ Road to Wrestlemania, Eva Marie’s possible departure, Big Show getting jacked, Austin Aries being cleared & JBL’s show being canned. Stopping by this week with a shopping cart full of truth bombs is ECW’s Original Gangsta, New Jack! He talks to us about how retirement is going, not caring about the WWE Hall of Fame, talking the talk, is there room for blood in the PG era, Vince McMahon calling him the Devil, why he hates Jerry Lawler and a whole lot more.

Source: Another Wrestling Podcast


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